Saturday, 21 September 2013

eat or be swallowed

21 September 2013

This morning was the third of four en plein air writing sessions, in the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens. We are meeting under the George Brown Eco House which is in the Snakebean Community Gardens near the Orientation Centre, Geranium Street entrance. We start at 7.30am walk to a writing space, tomorrow maybe the sensory garden or the rainforest, maybe there will be a choice. Write for half an hour then share writing with the group. Bring a light chair for real comfort. Afterwards there is a possibility of tea or coffee.
  • ·         It is free.
  • ·         Everyone welcome.
  • ·         Ring or text me if you have any questions 0439 990 862.

Today we went into the rainforest and you are grabbed by growth, rot, eat or be swallowed. Everything is giant, over, super-sized. Layers of leaves drink the sunlight and if any thin fingers of light reach the forest floor they are quickly sucked up by a shadow into the green medley.
It rains in the rain forest, this is the season it rains leaves, blossoms, fruit, nuts, seeds sticks, and branches. I am in the forest and I hear them. 

growth rot, eat or be swallowed

the green medley

layers of leaves drink the sun

a poet captures the rainforest

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