Sunday, 15 September 2013

My residence

The kitchen - last night I caught a glimpse of the resident mouse.

 Lounge with welcome vase of ginger flowers. My desk with NT News.

Bedroom -  where all night sounds are recorded by my hypersensitive hearing especially the bird which cries 'Halp! Halp! Haaaaaalp!!!' 

Bathroom. I am yet to get a pic of the tree frog in the toilet which gave me a 'You are in the Territory now' reminder on the first night.

Louvered view from my desk.

Community Gardens from the back stairs.

View in the other direction from the back stairs.


  1. Home away from home !Are there any mature Pawpaws ?
    I so miss fresh Pawpaws for breakfast !

  2. None ripe in the garden but I intend to have green pawpaw salad from the Rapid Creek Market before I leave.