Monday, 16 September 2013

Bad Karma

Monday 16 September

‘No stealing! No stealing! No stealing our vegetables!’ — a child’s voice in the community gardens.

In my stilted house 
woken by the spit-spit-spit of sprinklers
the wet drum of water 
on broad leaves 
I watch the visitors 
from behind slotted dark glass
in a house that should be empty 
I am a secret.

Thieves bold as daylight pluck 
Brazilian spinach 
and make a getaway.

I see the thieves 
and become one.

I take tomatoes 
smooth skins explode under the crush of my teeth
my taste buds exclaim -  
this fruit is real.

Now I have two cherry tomatoes worth of bad karma.

I have an eye on a chilli 
I see it is hot for me!

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