Thursday, 19 September 2013

en plein air

19 September 2013

This morning was the first of four en plein air writing sessions, Planting the Seed. The idea is to begin writing, a poem, prose to begin the process and see what grows. The sessions are held in the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens as part of my residency. We are meeting under the George Brown Eco House which is in the Snakebean Community Gardens near the Orientation Centre, Geranium Street entrance. We start at 7.30am, walk to a writing spot and write for half an hour then share our writing with the group. Afterwards there is a possibility of tea or coffee. An opportunity to share a writing experience. It is free. Everyone welcome.

This morning we began in the monkey bean trees.

en plein air

Before work and life and busyness of day five women write.

I listen
the man and lawn mower must be aware
I know there are places he must not go
asbestos fibres lie in wait
if disturbed will begin
their own mow down work
a jet comes here
goes there
goes somewhere
traffic roars like a flooded river
sprinklers sprink
making rain
birds call
too many to name
I know you don’t want a list
the shopping is enough

I listen
seasonal drought
unhooks leaves
a spider blinks
water pumps
from root to leaf

shade captures fallen light

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