Friday, 13 September 2013

till it's gone

13 September 2013

‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.’ 
Big Yellow Taxi’ Joni Mitchell

Spent yesterday writing answers to an interview. Question Number One — Over all, what purpose do you believe poetry serves in 2013? Is it speaking a language that finally will be heard?
‘Good grief,’ I mutter,’ Do the questions have to be so hard?! These are going to be questions I have to think about.‘ This might make my brain hurt.
So after much cross hatching and deleting, I think I said — in 2013 poetry holds actual conditions, the personal and political to the light for examination. Uses language to explore ideas, beliefs and experiences hoping to arouse the listener or the reader to a new level of understanding of themselves each other and the world we live in.
Is it speaking a language that finally will be heard?
‘Finally? Poetry is already heard’, I mutter.
At weddings, birthdays, funerals, in hospitals to facilitate healing, not to forget lovers to each other. Poems are written every day by ordinary people inspired by their niece’s 18th birthday. It is the basic block of storytelling, the heart of a nursery rhyme, it was and still is one method to pass it on and on and on.
‘Let’s just talk this one out’ I said, ‘What does language and expression, as a whole, represent to you?’
Freedom!’ she cried down the phone like a warrior, a foot soldier, a fighter.
‘Free to say what I want when I want however I want, free to express myself. Some poets don’t have that freedom some poets are jailed tortured and die seeking that freedom.’
I thought what it would be like to not be able to record how I thought or felt. What would my life be like if I could not express myself through my craft, if I couldn’t write this blog. Maybe those with freedom don’t think too often about such things. Maybe some things are taken for granted.

And then to add more drama to the day the twitterverse exploded with the breaking of the Australian poetry plagiarism scandal. Poets rang, texted, emailed, asking can this be true? Answer: Yes it is.

Now my brain really did hurt.

What happened in the night?
I heard a voice saying: Can you find your way out? But it could have been a dream.

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