Friday, 20 September 2013

African trees

20 September 2013

This morning was the second of four en plein air writing sessions, Planting the Seed, in the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens. We are meeting under the George Brown Eco House which is in the Snakebean Community Gardens near the Orientation Centre, Geranium Street entrance. We start at 7.30am walk to a writing space, tomorrow the rainforest and write for half an hour then share our writing with the group. Bring a light chair for real comfort. Afterwards there is a possibility of tea or coffee. It is free. Everyone welcome. Ring or text me if you have any questions 0439 990 862.

Today we met in the African baobab collection, a dry part of the gardens.

African trees

 I have to stop trying to remember
 The poem I forgot
 And concentrate on now,
 This ‘dry spot’ set aside for African trees.
 A dusty rust-coloured road cuts past
 But the grass is damp straw,
 Not lush, but not arid either.

 African trees would dream of a place like this,
 Hurl their seed at the boats
 And hope they’re coming here.

 I wonder if they would let a Boab
 Grow in a detention centre?

 Dr Seuss must have travelled
 To Madagascar –
I’m sure the fox in sox
 Flew past trees
 Just like these.

 I’ve lost the poem I woke with.
 It was perfect,
 As dreams often are,
 Written and mentally edited,
 Polished between thoughts of moving house and lists,
 Big things I need to buy
 (Fridge, washing machine, couch)
 And weekend plans to drive 600 kilometres
 Instead of packing,
 To spend a weekend amongst women.

 With Abbott at the helm it feels subversive -
 Maybe that's what my poem was about?

Kaye Hall

bare branches except for a bird

baobab water filled trunk

green ants nest

the baobab plus poets

Helen using a tree for back rest

the fallen

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